Bo Obama Proposal: Goldendoodle Asks First Dog to Marry Her, Attend Fundraiser

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Move over, Jake Davidson.

Your Kate Upton prom invite was a huge hit, but you've got company in the long shot YouTube proposal department now, thanks to Ramona.

The two-year-old Goldendoodle asks First Dog Bo Obama to be her date at the Doggie Dash, an annual Portland, Oregon fundraiser for animal shelters.

Check out the video below:

The fundraiser is not until May 11, but Ramona is already daydreaming about meeting her crush and becoming "Mrs. Ramona Obama, First Dog-Lady."

The Oregon Humane Society, who produced the video, helpfully added thought bubbles appear next to Ramona's head to indicate what she is thinking.

She resolves to invite Bo, her canine crush, and dreamily envisions herself as the wife of the Portuguese Water Dog - even if he's hard to contact.

Ramona tries to send her invitation via Twitter and Facebook, and even over the phone. No dice. Finally, she resorts to an old-fashioned letter.

The dog adds that Bo can be her date in life too, if he likes.

A website for the fundraiser, which has started a petition to get the First Dog to attend, lists all the reasons why Ramona is a perfect match for Bo.

The black-and-white stud has yet to issue a response through his personal secretary, President of the United States Barack Obama. But give it time.

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