Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans' Rage Returns; Leah Messer Can't Make Up Her Mind

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The fourth season and possibly last season Teen Mom 2 is off to a turbulent start.

Last week's opener featured the usual Jenelle drama and Chelsea stress, while Leah started a new family and some Kailyn Lowry domestic abuse was teased.

What did this week's episode have to offer on all of those fronts?

Let's break it down in THG's weekly +/- Teen Mom 2 recap!

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Jenelle Evans' rage returned this week. Big shocker there.

So who was the big target? Follow the jump to find out!

Ever since her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp got out of jail, he’s obviously been trying to Facebook message Jenelle, who is now dating Gary Head.

The scary thing is that Jenelle flat-out admits that she might get back with that lowlife if Gary wasn't in the picture. So is it just a matter of time?

Basically she needs a guy in her life and being single isn’t an option. Case in point? Taking up with Gary again after Courtland Rogers peaced.

Minus 70 for this vicious, unhealthy cycle.

Jenelle does tell Gary that she’s so happy with him and she chose Gary over Kieffer because he has a good head on his shoulders. Plus 20.

By that, she means he has a steady job and “knows right from wrong.” Gary Head calls her out for getting in trouble with Kieffer, too. Plus 20.

Of course, things go from good to really, really bad in a hurry when Jenelle finds out from pal Tori Rhyne that Gary and Tori slept together.

This was four months ago, or mere “hours” before Jenelle and Gary officially started dating. Jenelle Evans is devastated, and flips the f--k out.

Their argument gets physical when she starts to grab all of his stuff and throw it out the door, cursing and telling him to never come back.

Gary slams the door on Jenelle. She shoves him out of the way. She breaks some of his stuff and screams at him to leave. She cries. Hard.

Minus 150 for this unbelievable display.

Kailyn Lowry, still reeling from her beef with baby daddy Jo Rivera, meets with her lawyer and suggests they try an anger management class.

Plus 20 for that good idea, but Kailyn still has to face Jo in court for the PFA order (Protestion From Abuse), which could be seriously intense.

When Kailyn finds out Jo has a lawyer and witnesses, her lawyer suggests she should drop the charges against Jo in favor of settling out of court.

She agrees. Kailyn and Jo reach a settlement, but you can still cut the tension with a knife, and one wonders how long this agreement will hold.

Leah Messer says her fiance Jeremy Calvert was upset when he found out about the miscarriage, but it was Corey Simms' reaction that really bothered her.

She expected him to be a little more optimistic about them getting back together ... you know, because she just miscarred her fiance's baby. Minus 200.

The exes STILL talk about getting back together, even though they have both moved on ... and she tells BFF Kayla she would leave Jer for Corey if he asked.

Fortunately, this being Corey, he'll never ask. With or without subtitles. Plus 30.

Leah agrees to go back on birth control. For like a week, probably, but Plus 30.

Corey says he dumped GF Summer because he still has feelings for Leah, so here we go again. They sort of want to together, but won't step up. Great.

Jeremy, understandably, is worried she will stray once she comes clean about all of this. Hopefully she works this out and makes up her mind. Minus 90.

Chelsea Houska, meanwhile, is still afraid she could be pregnant after screwing her baby daddy Adam Lind - without birth control, again. UGH. Minus 40.

She is determined to prioritize her life, though, and tells her mom that she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend between school and Aubree. Plus 30.

Little Aubree loves her preschool, so that's good. Plus 30.

Her period hasn't come, though, so that's not. Minus 40.


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