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Nico Jackson is dating Pippa Middleton, and for that we sort of want to dislike this man big time, even though he seems pretty nice on paper at least.

Who is this fella who won the heart of Kate Middleton‘s younger sister?

According to various articles written about the new lovebirds …

Pippa Middleton: A Photo
Photo via Getty Images
  • He’s a stockbroker in London at Deutsche Bank.
  • Pippa and Nico reportedly joined Kate and Prince William on the family vacation in Mustique … site of the infamous bikini baby bump photo controversy.
  • His mom, Ulrike Jackson, told the Daily Mail she is “very pleased” with her son dating Pippa Middleton, and that they are “very happy” … shocker.
  • He’s a skier. British tabloids claim that the duo met while skiing and have recently been enjoying each other’s company on the Swiss slopes.
  • He’s charming. Not royal, but charming. “Nico is always respectful, very well-mannered,” a source tells one UK tabloid. “His whole family is.”

Always a good sign. Be good to her, Nico … or else.