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One U.S. tabloid has published the controversial Kate Middleton baby bump photos taken on her vacation in Mustique. The Duchess is on the cover of Star.

Italy’s Chi magazine was the first to run the Kate Middleton baby bump photos, which were apparently taken with a long lens from the ocean, this week.

Unlike last year’s scandal, during which Chi ran topless photos of the 31-year-old at a private villa, this batch features her in a bikini and on a beach.

Still, it’s re-ignited the royal controversy over Middleton’s privacy.


The UK media has almost universally declined to run any of the images out of respect for the royal family, but beyond Britain’s borders, it’s a different story.

Now, it looks like Star is following Chi‘s lead.

Because the Kate Middleton bikini photos are non-nude and taken on a beach where other people were around, the legality may hold up this time around.

Shady, yes. But legal.

It must be tough to have to deal with this sort of thing, and we feel for her. On the plus side, Kate looks GREAT. She’s due in July and that bump is the cutest.

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Tabloids running Kate baby bump pics: Right or wrong?