Jenelle Evans to Courtland Rogers: Step OFF!

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Courtland Rogers, you best step off.

That's the message Jenelle Evans is sending her estranged husband, who she wants nothing to do with and is certainly does want to be "used" by anymore.

Courtland and Jenelle Rogers

The Teen Mom 2 star’s husband has been released from a South Carolina hospital, where he was allegedly on suicide watch (and begging for another chance).

A source close to her says that while they have made contact, the troubled MTV star is done with his antics and is never getting back together with him.

Like, ever.

“She doesn’t want to be married to him anymore, and she’s telling friends that he just wants to be famous and doesn’t care about her so she’s done with him.”

“Jenelle is laughing at Courtland now,” a source says.

Rogers, 27, has claimed that he’s broken hearted, and that all he wants in life to get back together with his one true love, wife Jenelle Evans, 21.

Number of f--ks given by her? None.

“Jenelle couldn’t give a flip now. She’s over Courtland and wants to move on,” the source says, with the caveat that this is Jenelle we're talking about.

“She’ll probably change her mind in five seconds, but who knows?”

Indeed. Oh, Jenelle.

Here's hoping she takes some time to reflect and just chill out for awhile. Even her co-stars and their dads are pissed at some of her antics of late.

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