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Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that Season 4 of Teen Mom 2, which kicks off Tuesday, will be the last for the popular MTV reality series.

The reason is simple: Jenelle Evans.

Supposedly, the North Carolina Hurricane has become such a liability that even MTV and her own co-stars worry about their association with her.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Their fathers do too, apparently.

Last week it was Corey Simms’ dad, Jeff Simms, calling her out. This week it’s Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy Houska, taking a shot at her on Twitter.


Randy, who fans love because he keeps Chelsea in line – and free of scandals, it’s worth noting – delivered this not-so-subtle message to Jenelle:

“So far, TM2 has been a great experience. The crew, the teen moms, their family and friends: all good. @PBandJenelley_1 – you are the wild card”


It’s interesting to see the effect of Jenelle Evans’ arrests, divorce drama, and drug rumors on the show at large and the message it’s sending to viewers.

Moms like Chelsea Houska have maintained that they agreed to be on Teen Mom 2 to show the ups, downs, challenges and joys of young motherhood.

With celebrity gossip sites constantly focused on why Jenelle Evans got arrested this time and who she’s married to or dating now, the show has shifted.

A few weeks prior, Jenelle’s own co-star Kailyn Lowry called her out for bringing her drama out in public so often; she quickly deleted that Tweet.

However, she re-tweeted Randy Houska’s comment this week, and praised Chelsea’s dad for “being so honest.” So there’s some tension there.

Look like the show – or at least Jenelle’s part in it – is on borrowed time.