Drake: Denied Entry to Hollywood Club Because Chris Brown Already Inside!

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Nightclubs aren't big enough for both Chris Brown and Drake.

It's a lesson many of them seem to have learned after 2012, and this week, Drake was turned away at the door of an L.A. hotspot because Brown was already inside.

Drake at the Grammys
A Chris Brown Photograph

The club, Playhouse in Hollywood, sent Drake on his way Wednesday night as Chris was partying at a table inside and they wanted to avoid any brawls.

Brown was inside celebrating an anniversary party for the clothing brand Popular Demand, with Rihanna also due to make an appearance later, no less.

Amazing that this is even a consideration, but probably a smart move.

Obviously aware of the Chris Brown-Drake fight at NYC's W.i.P. nightclub last year - a brawl they are now suing each other over - they told Drake to party elsewhere.

He handled the rejection like a man and left without incident.

Interestingly, Rihanna did show up but exchanged nary a word with Chris, prompting speculation that the newly-reconciled couple is once again on the rocks.

Also interestingly, NBA star Tony Parker is suing W.i.P. for injuries he suffered during that brawl, claiming it should have known better than to let Chris in.

Clearly Playhouse got that memo.

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