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On the heels of North Korea cannibalism reports comes this:

Goldie, a golden retriever from Forest City, Iowa, astonishingly ate her own tail in order to survive nearly three weeks without food in an outdoor kennel.

The elderly pup, who is now recovering and happy at the Humane Society of North Iowa, consumed half her tail, leaving the bone painfully exposed.

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A distressed landlord recently calle the Humane Society to inform them that an evicted tenant had moved out and left behind eight filthy and malnourished dogs.

Goldie, 7, was one of them, and she was locked in an outdoor kennel for nearly three weeks, with no access to food and only a limited water supply.

“Goldie’s story of survival shows us just how resilient this beautiful girl is,” Sybil Soukup, executive director of the Humane Society, said in a statement.

“She endured three dismal weeks of neglect and abandonment, confirming that pets are not disposable or something you leave behind when your life moves on.”

The emaciated pup showed up at the shelter weighing a horrifying 46 lbs, 20 less than a dog her size should weigh, along with a half-eaten tail.

And yet the remnants of her tail were wagging, a sig she was happy.

In a little more than two weeks at the animal shelter, Goldie’s tail has been successfully amputated and she’s already gained 6 lbs of that back.

After she fully recovers, she should be placed up for adoption (the rest of the dogs found at the residence have already been placed in homes).

Until then, she’s making friends and keeping herself busy with toys.

“All she wants is a loving home,” reads the shelter’s Facebook page.

“And a tennis ball!”