The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dinner, Drinks & Stripper Poles

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The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls have their way with "Stars and Stripes" and stripper poles. Who is having fun and who won't wrap their legs around just anything in Vegas?

We break it all in THG's +/- recap!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Cast

Yolanda has become the woman surrounded by lemons.  It seems every time we see her there are fresh lemons somewhere in the picture.

Seriously though, this woman is the sexy Martha Stewart of Malibu. Plus 20. She should have her own series of books on how to take care of your uber-rich husband.

Loved the lunch with Suzanne Somers.  She's a beautiful women but I'm with Lisa about the pills. Minus 11 when you've got to carry around your own drug store where ever you go.

Since when did it become appropriate lunch conversation to ask someone you've just met how high their sex drive is?  Minus 9. Do we really need to all share that information with the class?

Of course what Lisa does share in her British accent is funny as ever. "I'm not good at swallowing things. Just ask my husband." Plus 15.

It's Kyle's daughter's sixth grade graduation so they throw her a party.  Just family, friends, the Maloofs, and the normal following of reality TV cameras.

Minus 11 for letting the 11 year old have a normal party.  Or perhaps that is normal for Beverly HIlls.

Kyle's sisters are no shows. When do you think she'll realize they just don't like her very much?

Kim's done with her psychic readings and off to the plastic surgeon.  She wants a new nose.  Plus 10 for deciding not to go to Paul.  It's probably safer to keep a line between friends and people cutting into your face.

The ladies are off to Vegas for the debut of Brandi's Night School. Ms. Glanville's never stripped but she needs to make a living. So lets twirl around a pole and have some fun. Plus 12.

Least surprising moment. Finding out that Eddie Cibrian once bought Brandi Glanville a stripper pole.

Second least surprising moment. They didn't stay at a Maloof property.

But not everyone is up for the challenge as Lisa balks, "I don't want to wrap my legs around anything in Vegas." Minus 14. Maybe she should have brought Ken along.

Things get warm and fuzzy over dinner as Brandi shares her softer side. Plus 16. Kyle even acts like a sympathetic friend.

Then in a show of catty girl power they all gang up and make fun of LeAnn Rimes.

So who will find their inner sexy and who will wimp out?  Tune in next week to find out.


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