Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jeremy Calvert Debuts, Jordan Wenner Gets Dumped

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Teen Mom 2 was back with another new episode last night, one that featured Jeremy Calvert's first appearance and apparently Jordan Wenner's last. How did it all go down?

Find out in THG's official +/- recap!

Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry meets up with the friend she meets up with for obligatory, forced conversations about her relationships, and debates cutting Jordan loose.

Later she tells him he's overbearing and doesn’t trust her. He says he does trust her, she's just kind of shady. No points? We don't know how to score that.

Out with friends again, she notes that she doesn't really miss Jordan at all, so that was probably a good move ... except he was really good with Isaac.

She decides to meet up with him to discuss things, but Jordan is nowhere to be found ... and already “hanging out with someone else.” BURN Kails. Minus 20.

Jenelle Evans prepares to spend 45 days in jail, per her lawyer's suggestion, despite missing Jace‘s second birthday and the lack of Ke$ha that jail time entails.

She points out to BFF Tori that Jace’s dad Andrew hasn’t contacted her or Jace. We forgot who the dad even was. Not a good sign, most likely. Minus 80.

Jenelle Evans and Tori make a pact to not smoke weed anymore, and writes a heartfelt letter to her probation officer as well. Plus only 50, because come ON.

She writes that she was “screaming” all night for someone to let her out of her cell, and this was the wakeup call she needed. Ah, the life of Jenelly.

“So are you going to stay off the weed?” - Bahbrah. Plus 50.

Jace turns two and Jenelle gets him a slip-and-slide at least, then spends like an entire day in the little guy's honor ... who is this girl and where is Jenelle Evans? Plus 200.

Lawyer Dustin reports that her probation officer “surprisingly” liked the letter, and believes she will change. That should keep her out of jail ... BUT FOR HOW LONG?!

Plus 50 for making it an entire episode without a meltdown.

Leah Messer Calvert Photo

Leah Messer is totes getting serious about a friendship with a guy on Facebook.

“I get really serious, really fast,” she confesses, and ain't that the truth. No points, because it has its positives and negatives, especially for Ali and Aleeah.

She's also got college to worry about apparently. Yes, college! Plus 100.

Later, Leah does reach out to Jeremy Calvert, and they go on a date and have tons of fun. He even passes the interrogation of tough questions. Plus 50.

Family friend Kathy watches the girls as Leah goes off to school, which she finds much harder than she thought. Hopefully she sticks with it more than a week.

OMG, Leah Messer gets a surprise bouquet of flowers from Jeremy! Plus 50, because we have a feeling things are going to last between these two.

Chelsea Houska, as always, is trying to deal with the men in her life.

After taking a few practice GED tests, she's gonna take the exam for real. The stress of not talking to Adam is, like, wicked stressful though. OMFG. Minus 90.

Naturally, this being Chelsea Houska and all, she goes over to her dad‘s, and blames him for her breakup with Adam, shouting “You got too involved!" Minus 110.

Randy, as always, runs down the laundry list of reasons why Adam sucks and he hates him, and notes that Chelsea is just being used. No sugar coating here. Plus 100.

Meanwhile, Adam tells his tattoo artist that being single is “bomb." Good to know Adam's priorities are in line. Deadbeat Dad 4 Lyfe. Word. Minus 300.

Chelsea decides to get a puppy. No points, because it is sweet and all, and a lot less of a b!tch than Adam, but she clearly can't handle more responsibility.

Will she ever take that GED and/or get over this guy? Place your bets (on no).


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