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Teen Mom 2 aired another episode last night, and Jenelle Evans’ obsession with Ke$ha continued to play a major role. Someone’s totes buying her new album today!

Read on for THG’s official +/- recap!

Jenelle Evans, in case you missed it, failed a drug test on last week’s episode and was given the choice of 45 days in jail or an extended time on probation.

She wanted to do the time and just get it over with, as probation would entail more drug tests she’d obvi fail, but jail would mean missing the Ke$ha concert! F*%K!

In the end, it was all a moot point as she failed ANOTHER drug test and was sent directly to the can. Stupid toxic wooden pipe will get you every time! Minus 30.


But miraculously, her friend posted bail for her and they made it to the concert just in time! Plus 50, because sometimes, things work out for a reason!!!

“Ke$ha is my favorite artist ever, she’s just like me,” Evans said. “I listen to her all the time in my car, everywhere I go, always singing it in my head.”

Or out loud. See video below. Plus 20.

Of course, she’s far more dedicated to Ke$ha than she is to staying off drugs, getting a job or being a decent mother, so Minus 150 for that depressing fact.

Predictably, Jenelle’s mom Bahbrah was less than thrilled, and the two got into an epic screaming match. Pretty amazing even by their high standards. Plus 100.

Jenelle Evans 'Sings' TIK TOK

Elsewhere …

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera’s custody fight took center stage, with Jo proving what an immature human being he is. Kailyn has her moments, but come ON dude. 

Despite already getting Isaac every week, Jo was being so hard on Kailyn, almost just because he can it seems. Why manipulate her like that? D!ck. Minus 50.

We know things work out better for her on the romantic front soon enough, but hopefully Jo gets it together and grows up as well for the good of the little guy.

Also, here’s hoping his rap career takes off … sorry, tried to see if we could type that with a straight face. Spoiler alert: We bombed worse than his first single.

Leah Messer Calvert had a good week, at least. She met Jeremy Calvert, the man we all know will become her husband and the father of her third baby.

They seem happy, so Plus 100, although with Leah, you can only be so optimistic. She and Corey seemed stable as well, and look how that turned out.

Speaking of Corey, rumor has it he just got married again too. Sigh …

Chelsea Houska‘s on-again, off-again drama with Adam was in full force. This was an “off” week for the Year Round Brown employee and that douche.

We’re just waiting for the day Randy comes to blows with this kid. It’s got to slowly eat away at her dad that he’s even in the picture at all romantically.

Fortunately for Chelsea, she did pass her GRE at least. Plus 100.