Teen Mom 2 Recap: It All Falls Apart

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Teen Mom 2 returned with a new episode last night, and relationships continued to fall apart in the transitioning lives of the fabulous four ... to various degrees.

Read on for THG's official +/- recap!

Teen Mom Two Cast

Jenelle Evans' infamous friend, Tori, is back!

Under the condition that J's done with Kieffer Delp, that is ... which we wouldn't bet on. We know Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are engaged, but still. Minus 30.

Even though she knows she is likely goin' to jail after the events of last week, she is looking forward to going to a Ke$ha concert for some reason. Minus 20.

Jenelle can either go to jail for 45 days or she can continue probation. Dumbass that she is, Evans decides she can't quit smoking pot and wants the time. Minus 50.

She tells her lawyer that she can't miss the Ke$ha concert, saying that the singer is her idol. Staying on probation to see her might be worth it. Brilliant deduction. Plus 30.

Of course, it's all moot, as Jenelle Evans fails ANOTHER drug test and is sent right to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect Ke$ha concert tickets. Minus 130.

Bahbrah says Jenelle needs to sit in jail for a while. Plus 50.

Leah Messer Calvert admits she wanted to do marriage counseling to try and make things work with Corey Simms. Of course, we know it did not happen.

She takes the girls to spend the weekend with dad to find he bought a new truck! He's still been paying support, but they still bicker, because it's what they do.

Corey was adamant about buying a new truck as opposed to a better home for Leah and the girls (when they were together), so we do see Leah messer's point. Plus 40.

They finalize their divorce. After which she will promptly become impregnated by and engaged to Jeremy Calvert. Girl does not waste any time. Minus 40.

Kailyn Lowry still has feelings for Jo Rivera, and she and Jordan are still hanging out. Javi Marroquin is not in the picture yet. She doesn't waste time either!

When Kail stumbles upon photos of Jo and his new girlfriend, Vee, and she is not happy ... especially b/c he partied with Vee when Isaac was there. Minus 80.

Kailyn Lowry confronts him. Jo seems pretty apathetic. Standard. Minus 20.

She sets up a meeting with an attorney regarding custody, looking to reduce Jo's. He will have to agree to that, of course, and who knows if he will do so.

Chelsea Houska's dad Randy gets pissed when he finds Adam Lind's stuff at her house. One of these days, Randy's gonna go all Olivier Martinez on Adam.

Lind, of course, is being his typical douche self. Even though he gave her a promise ring, he's as distant from Chelsea as ever. Seriously, girl. Move on. Minus 200.

He isn't helping Chelsea Houska plan little Aubree's second birthday party, nor does he even show up until the party is nearly over. It's his own daughter!

Adam did get her a new bike, we know. Even, because he still sucks.


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