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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans never ceases to amaze.

The hot mess says she was hospitalized last week was due to lung damage from smoking out of a “toxic wooden pipe” … needless to say, it didn’t contain tobacco.

Accusations started flying that she’s on heroin, and Jenelle Evans was oddly silent last week on Twitter and went a long time without setting the record straight.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Have no fear, though, she’s back with a vengeance now.


About her hospitalization, she says, “I was in there for eight cysts on my ovaries. Right one as big as a golf ball. The ambulance came to my house and got me.”

“After going to one hospital I had to be transferred to a bigger one four hours away from my home. Long story short I had immediate surgery to get rid of those cysts.”

“Also had lung work done do [sic] to smoking out of kieffers TOXIC wooden pipes. Still having to go back to chapel hill next week to get more lab work done.”

Kieffer Delp, her ex-boyfriend, was selling pipes via a website at one point.

The heroin story originated from Jenelle’s former roommate Ashleigh, as well as a woman in the hospital who claimed the MTV star has used the drug extensively.

Jenelle denies this, and also went after her own sister, Tweeting, “now my psychopath sister that pulls out her hair and wears wigs lies and u believe? Gullible.”

Even though Jenelle has admitted to being a chronic pot smoker, at one point this weekend she claimed, “I don’t do drugs” in response to attacks on Twitter.

Her fiance, Courtland Rogers, was also accused of Tweeting on Jenelle Evans’ behalf in the hospital and then erasing everything, so … there’s that.

Consider yourselves up to date, and confused.