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Jenelle Evans‘ husband Courtland Rogers is lobbing some shocking allegations at her former boyfriend Kieffer Delp, blaming him for her addiction … to HEROIN.

The reality star spent some time in rehab around Thanksgiving and it straightened her out, according to Courtland, who says it will all be shown on Teen Mom 2.

The root of her issues? Kieffer, who he’s got a message for: Step off.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

“Just leave me and my WIFE … Mrs. Rogers alone,” Courtland (above) Tweeted to Delp this week, strongly implying his spouse almost DIED because of him.

“It’s funny people think I am a junkie wait till they see this next season on how u did jenelle and got her hooked on heroin … she almost died cuz of u dumbass.”


Prolific Tweeter Jenelle Evans re-posted Courtland Rogers‘ further explanation of how Kieffer Delp (below) allegedly mistreated her while she was on drugs.

“U got jenelle strung out and then u bailed on her when she needed u most! And everyone thinks u are the good guy! This is sad,” Courtland wrote.

Jenelle’s mother Barbara and her sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson were so concerned about her drug use that they went to court and had her committed to rehab.

Apparently that rumor was actually true – and it’s probably a good thing, too.

“My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin,” Ashleigh said later, “when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up.”

Here’s hoping Jenelle’s kicked those habits – smack and Kieffer – for good.