Jenelle Evans: Committed to Hospital?

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You never have to go long to find drama in the world of Jenelle Evans. Her latest claim? That her mom Barbara had her committed to the hospital.

Jenelle recently exchanged text messages with Bahbrah, who suggested her troubled spawn say off the Internets and go into hiding for a few months.

Jenelle Evans, Husband

Jenelle Evans' response, which she screen capped and Tweeted, obviously, for attention? "Yeah that's what happens when u commit me to the hospital."

"Becuz u like to have things 'your' way."

Seems like Jenelle is insinuating that Barbara had her committed ... but she could be wildly exaggerating. She was in the hospital recently for recurring ovarian cysts.

While "committed" strongly implies she was sent away due to drug and/or mental problems, Babs may have just insisted she get treated for a medical condition.

Here's the screen grab of their texts:

Jenelle Text

In other news, Jenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers after dating him for only four months. The reality star "didn't get a prenup" with Courtland either.

Why? "Mostly because she didn't think she needed one," a source says.

That does make perfect sense.

It's not like Jenelle is rolling in cash, at least from what we've seen on Teen Mom 2. She has a lot of flaws, but shameless materialism isn't one of them.

Give her a new hoodie and some Ke$ha tickets and she's good to go.

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