Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kim's Oh-So Sincere Email Apology

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This week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Rob's emotional journey continued with his therapy, while Kim finally grew a pair and apologized to Khloe.
Robby Rob

Mostly. It was a pretty weaksauce apology, but an apology just the same.

The Jenner girls, meanwhile, found that modeling + school = hard work!

How did this stack up with last week's visit from Oprah in terms of entertainment value? We break it all down for you in THG's official +/- recap!

Premiere Sisters

"[Rob] is not in a very good mood hardly ever, so it makes me really sad, because there's something there that's just sad all the time." - Kris. Minus 5.

We pick up where we left off on Rob's therapist's couch and things are getting pretty darn emotional for the guy. Dude's really trying. Plus 15.

Khloe feels offended after Kim doesn't seem to remember her sister working at their dad's office. Cue contrived drama of the week. Minus 20.

Even though Kylie and Kendall Jenner both have full-time jobs, momager Kris wants them in high school, not home schooled. Smart. Plus 25.

Or not. Kris and Bruce eventually relent and decide to make the move to in-home tutoring. The girls are just growing up too fast ... Minus 50.

Kim offers an EMAIL apology to her sibling ... Minus 100 for the cop out of admitting fault without actually having to look someone in the eye.
Robby Rob

Given the opportunity to start his own men's clothing line, Rob arrives for a meeting in a gray hoodie and sweatpants. Minus 40 for that display.

"You can't cry that you don't have more responsibilities, then get the opportunity and pass it up by not trying." - Scott Disick, on Rob. Plus 30.

Fortunately, Kim meets Khloe and Lamar in Queens and they all make up, as well as find a basketball court totally spontaneously. Ah, reality TV. Plus 10.

Khloe tells Kim Kardashian to "just be a little more Kimmie from the block." More like from the sack, if you know what we mean!! Eh, Minus 20.

"You should really see Jamaica Avenue, it's the hood Rodeo Drive." - Lamar. Plus 10.


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