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Like countless other Americans, Washington Wizards swingman Chris Singleton learned that week that he did not win the Mega Millions jackpot valued at well over $400 million.

Unlike his fellow citizens, however, Singleton believed he actually had a relatively decent chance… considering he purchased $10,000 worth of tickets for the drawing!

Explaining on Twitter that he considered the collection of tickets to be an “investment,” the former Florida State standout added the hashtag #halfwaytoabillionaireifiwin and told followers:

“If I get richer, I will change the world for the better.”

That’s nice to know. Not as nice as if Singleton had simply donated the 10 grand to a food bank instead of essentially flushing it down the toilet. But hey. The guy plays for the Wizards. He’s not exactly familiar with winning game plans.

Does the rookie, who is averaging 4.8 points per game, have any regrets? Nope. The only options available to him and this cash were to play Mega Millions or “blow it in the club,” he Tweeted.

But is that really true? What should Chris Singleton have done with his $10,000?