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Adult movie kingpin Vivid Entertainment wants HTC to change the name of one of its new phones, HTC Vivid, as it fears users might confuse the two “services.”

Vivid Entertainment has sent HTC a cease and desist letter, threatening legal action if HTC doesn’t rename and rebrand that particular phone by November 21.

Vivid’s attorney Mark Hoffman said in a statement:

“HTC Vivid creates the false impression that your company and your company’s products are affiliated, associated or sanctioned by Vivid Entertainment.”

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What person would confuse a phone with a porn company, we have no idea, but Vivid does stream its content over digital channels such as smartphones.

Vivid Entertainment has been around since 1984 and is widely considered to be one of the biggest adult movie studios, with the renowned Kim Kardashian sex tape as feather in its seedy cap, among other notable celebrity skin flicks.

They are also quick to insert themselves (pun intended) into any celebrity in the news, making absurd offers to the likes of Octomom and Casey Anthony.

HTC has not commented on the matter.