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This week on Dirty Soap, Farah Fath underwent surgery, while Kirsten Storms and her own health woes were still MIA. These soap stars have had some bad luck.

We wish the gals nothing but the best as they battle their respective ailments. Meanwhile, gorgeous Kelly Monaco decides to do a photo shoot for Self magazine.

There was plenty of other soap action to digest, from Galen trying to sponge off of his kids a little too hard and Fary dragging everyone around her down ….

Nilsa Prowant Spring Break

Sometimes, the world works in ways you never expect.

Farah found that out when she went to donate her eggs so that BFF Danny can have a baby. Only because of that did doctors find pre-cancerous cells on her cervix.

John-Paul Lavoisier says her he will be there for her during surgery, but Farah already feels JP was lacking in terms of support, dropping her off and peacing out.

He claims that parking was difficult. Weakass excuse. Danny is there for her, however, and realizes Farah’s healing is more important than her eggs. Nice guy.

Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin, meanwhile, are about to do a shoot for celebrity gossip magazine In Touch when they enlist her mom’s help with home decor.

Big mistake.

Fary criticizes pretty much every last detail in the house, and then gets pissed at the idea that Nadia would bring in a designer friend, and tells B to put a sock in it.

This continues at length, with Fary needling her and making every decision out to seem like the worst idea in history, coming off as the monster-in-law from hell.

Poor Nadia. At least by the end of this painful exercise, she says she just wants her mom to be okay with the fact that they have different tastes – and lives.

Because he encouraged to take up ballet over baseball as a kid, Galen is going hard with his own kids, pushing Dillon to take karate. But he gets a bit too involved.

He’s that guy. The guy who interrupts the class to cheer on his kid. At least he has a positive outlook on it, and is an involved dad, but dude. Dial it down a notcn.

At home, it gets worse, with Jensen injuring himself on Dillon’s board breaking station. Jenna tells him he’s going out of control, and he agrees. Wives are so wise.

Finally, Kelly Monaco worries about losing too much weight in the process of her Self photo shoot, so she takes a cooking class in order to balance out these things.

Our girl also takes a Afro-Brazilian class, a hip hop class and a class that looks like it is for exotic dancers. We’re a little confused, but we’re certainly not objecting.

The point of all this is that Kelly is now proud of her body image and feels well-rounded. That’s nice. She just needs to keep it up and get that weight over 100.

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