Sister Wives Recap: Goin' Camping, Polygamy Style

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Kody Brown and Robyn Brown, one of the titular stars of TLC's Sister Wives, welcomed the family's 17th child last week at their home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With four wives and now 17 kids, guy's got his hands full.

Fortunately, there's time for fun and family bonding to keep the unit strong. On Sunday's episode, Kode, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn went camping.

Sleeping under the stars, fishing, complaining, yelling, mass chaos ... in the end, the camping trip was a lot like any family's, just much, much bigger.

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Heading out to Big Bear Lake in California because it's too hot in Vegas on July 4 - almost hot enough to literally fry an egg on the sidewalk, but not quite - the gang heads to the mountains for a camping trip to reconnect with each other.

Some of Kody Brown's kids are less than thrilled, however.

Kody tries to chalk it up to hormones and kids getting pissed for no reason at all in their formative years. Meri thinks the teens are justified in their anger, however.

The fam did just move, after all, and Janelle sees resentment in her son Hunter, who feels that the Browns were basically chased out of Utah, friends and family.

Hunter also has a problem accepting Robyn, wife #4.

Robyn's children - she has three by a different father - complicate things, and when they start getting on people's cases, Meri gets involved and Robyn breaks down.

She even describes the possibility of having her children leave the family, since legally, they have the right to choose to live with their father if they like at age 13.

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That's on hold for now, but still, emotionally heavy stuff for Robyn.

This week's Sister Wives episode also featured a kid swap of sorts.

Christine's two daughters, Brianne and Isabel, are apparently going to be moving in with Meri, with the rationale behind that Isabel gets along better with Meri.

Looks like polygamy has its perks after all - and not just for Kody.

Christine says people might think she's a bad parent, but admits Isabel living with Meri is just one of the things they can do that a conventional family cannot.

Robyn has a name for her sister wives' children: "Bonus children!" Call them what you want, they were not the happiest family ever this week, but that's okay.

Everyone struggles from time to time with familial relationships, and for the Browns, those relationships are very complex, making them hard to work through.

Despite their unorthodox lifestyle and enormous brood, they face personal struggles and try to find solutions like the rest of us. It's funny how that works out.

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