Ashton Kutcher Tabloid Coverage: The Love Child! The Photographic Proof! The Move Out!

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Ashton Kutcher may not be making Demi Moore very happy these days, but the actor is a tabloid editor's walking and humping fantasy.

First, Us Weekly reported the details of the star's alleged hot tub threesome in San Diego, which included rumored mistress Sara Leal and a friend. Now, three other gossip rags are getting in on the action, proving the following, supposed scoops:

An Ashton Kutcher Love Child?!?
Proof of Infidelity?

In Touch Weekly claims that Leal is having Kutcher's love child. That's what happens when you have "unsafe sex" in the "car & house," we suppose. There's a lesson to be learned there, kids.

Star Magazine, which has been on Ashton's cheating tail since last year, says it is in possession of photos that prove Kutcher slept with Leal. They were reportedly taken inside the San Diego penthouse where the immoral deed was done.

Life & Style, meanwhile, puts a different spin on the affair.

It quotes a friend who says Kutcher separated from Moore in September, before any reported infidelity took place, because Demi had gone back to the bottle.

"Demi had been sober for a long time - decades - but recently it's gotten bad," the insider says. "Ashton loves her, but he can't stick around and watch her do this to herself... He may have fooled around with this girl, but his wife is his priority. Ashton's trying to deal with Demi's problems."

So, which tale do you believe? Take your time, think about it - and know that THG will be here with the latest breaking news and chatter regarding everything related to Ashton Kutcher and his possibly wandering penis.

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