Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham & Jenelle Evans: Giving Up Their Kids to Party!

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Oh, Teen Mom girls. You never cease to amuse ... or provide tabloid fodder.

Amber Portwood swore she'd learned a lesson after spending time in jail and rehab. You'd think Jenelle Evans would have learned something from pummeling Britany Truett. Farrah Abraham? She's just trying to "find herself," don'cha know.

One thing they all have in common? Giving up their babies to PAR-TAY!!!

Giving Up Their Babies!

Amber's brother, Shawn Portwood, says that despite her issues, Amber is spending more time out partying than she is reconnecting with her daughter, Leah, 2.

"At least three times a week, Amber will go out to bars and clubs," Shawn says.

Amber Portwood was spotted at the 59th Street Pub last month drinking wine, then another time, downing beers at Jimbo's Pub and Club in Anderson, Ind.

"My friends were there [at the 59th Street Pub] and said she drank damn near a whole bottle of white wine," Anderson local Shane Butt reveals to Life & Style.

Yes, they named their source, and his name is Shane Butt. Fantastic.

"It seems like rehab didn't help too much," adds Butt, helpfully.

"Amber could see Leah every day, but she sees her maybe three times a week," laments Shawn. "I don't even know if Amber wants full custody of Leah."

"She enjoys her freedom too much right now."

One of her co-stars can relate. Farrah Abraham peaced out on her mom and daughter in the third season finale. Because she had to go to school in Florida.

At least Farrah has avoided the pitfalls of some of the other train wrecks. Jenelle Evans lost custody of her son to her mom ages ago, and for good reason.

Jenelle has always been one to drink and fight, rather than stay close to Jace at night. She's probably going to end up in jail again soon. Just give it time.

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