Brittney Jones is a Gold-Digging, Promiscuous Stalker, Source Says

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She's totally the type do it.

So says an insider familiar with Brittney Jones, the 21-year old woman who has told Star Magazine she had an affair with Ashton Kutcher. That tabloid has run stories on the scandal for two weeks running, as pictured below:

Breaking Ashton News!
Cheating Cover

Speaking to Radar Online, this anonymous source doesn't paint a flattering portrait of Jones. He/she claims Brittney "has always been obsessed with Ashton" and once said he "was by far the number one celebrity she'd like to have sex with."

If that's true, we know why.

Jones has said she met the actor at a bowling alley, gave him her phone number and quickly received a text message asking about her attire. She then allegedly met Kutcher in a parking lot, drove to his house and had "tender and nice" sex with him on a couch he shares with Demi Moore.

"I believe she did it," said this source. "I've known Brittney for a while and her family is the same way. They're all gold diggers... she probably took one look at Ashton and saw dollar signs."

Interesting. Who knew Brittney's mother was Heather Mills?!?

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