Father of Kate Hudson Refers to Actress as "Spoiled Brat"

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Most people are familiar with Kate Hudson's mother, Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn.

But almost no one knows the identity of this star's father, something Bill Hudson is aiming to change with his upcoming memoir, "So You Are a Star."

Bill Hudson Memior

In the book, this Michael Lohan wannabe rails against his daughter for allegedly not spending time with her Alzheimer's disease-afflicted grandmother, writing: "I love Kate, but... She has done stuff which is just awful. She is a spoiled brat and at the end of the day, she should meet her little sister. I should meet my grandchild and she should help her grandmother."

As for Goldie, who has essentially raised Kate and son Oliver with partner Kurt Russell?

Bill says she constantly cheated on him and believes in open marriages, even though "we made love everywhere... airplane bathrooms, rooftops, under the covers in first-class... just any and every place we could find."

Why come out with this tome, which will be available on November 1? Diane Nine, Bill's agent, says: "What he really wants is a relationship with his children and he hopes this will help."

We can't imagine any reason why it won't.

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