So You Think You Can Dance Review: Four Times Four

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Katie Holmes and Kenny Ortega joined So You Think You Can Dance judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy this week, as the final four took to the stage four times each - and it showed in a few sloppy results.

Marko & Melanie - Disco (Doriana Sanchez) - It's been a long time since there was a disco and I'm happy that Doriana hasn't stopped putting insane lifts in her routines. There was something unsexy about Melanie; she needed to let loose. She was worried about the lifts. There was something awkward when the two dancers went between lifts and placing Melanie down. The high amounts of color and sparkles covered up the mistakes. My Grade: B-

Tadd Gadduang and Joshua Allen

Sasha & Mark - Jazz (Sonya Tayeh) - The dance was an ode to Sasha; how she would overcome obstacles. Sasha was lucky to get a catered routine. As much as Mark is my favorite dancer, Sonya made sure that he was Sasha's accessory; Mark made sure that Sasha looked perfect in every scene. My Grade: B+

Tadd & Joshua - Hip-Hop (Lil' C), pictured - The dance was supposed to be about being a hustler, but Tadd looked too nice. The routine had strong choreography, but there were moments where Josh looked behind in timing. I was worried that Tadd would trip over his shoe, but it never fell off. I liked the floor gliding motions at the end, but there was nothing captivating overall. My Grade: C+

Melanie & Robert - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey) - The routine was about a love that can't happen. It helped that Melanie was placed in a routine that she could excel in. She looked effortless in comparison to the disco and Robert easily lifted her without struggle. There was nothing wrong with the routine. It was a well-executed, but sleepy. My Grade: B+

Sasha & Marko - Broadway (Spencer Liff) - The routine is about a waiter and Sasha as "Lola.” Marko had to wear glasses that had straps around his head so it wouldn't fall down. There were nice table moves but the synchronization wasn't the best. Marko plays a really good awkward waiter, but both were strong actors. My Grade: B

Melanie - Solo - Melanie went with the classical music approach which helped emphasize her moves. She didn't do many, but each move had intention and focus so she didn't fall out of anything or wobble once.

Marko - Solo - Marko also chose a slower tempo song, but unlike Melanie, he threw the whole kitchen sink in the routine as he spun around trying to make sure that he was using his solo to its maximum potential.

Sasha & Tadd - Cha-Cha (Mark Ballas) - Mark finally had a chance to do a routine without the limitations of Dancing with the Stars and the only part I liked was the sexual tension. Sasha had fire during her splits, but I was distracted by Tadd's awful pants. Was Tadd was losing circulation? The couple needed more cha-cha steps. My Grade: D+

Marko & Lauren - Contemporary (Tassandra Chavez) - I appreciate fresh blood in the choreographer pool and having Tassandra create a beautiful routine I hope she comes back. Marko and Lauren played the characters beautifully and unlike the sleepy Melanie/Robert routine, you could see the same amount of anguish but through sharper and emphasized movements. Lauren stumbled through one spin sequence, but she didn't let it faze her. My Grade: A-

Tadd - Solo - Tadd continues a playful and powerful routine. His breaking was still good, but I loved when he swam on the floor. It's a move that is probably easy to do, but Tadd gave it spirit.

Melanie & Tadd - Broadway (Ray Leeper) - Melanie's kicks were off and kicking Tadd looked wrong. Melanie's acting skills were convincing and Tadd did well acting goofy. Tadd was given a lot of time to do different power moves and to please his apparent fan club when he went shirtless the second half of the routine, then pant-less in the final few seconds. My Grade: B+

Sasha - Solo - Sasha started on the side of the stage and her routine had more of Sasha's softer side. I wished the routine lasted longer, because it took Sasha a while to fully embrace the music.

Sasha & Melanie - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey) - The concept was about suppressed housewives and I loved the fences and costuming. Seeing two girls who are seen as powerful warriors become meek housewives was great. I believed the whole routine and was transported into their 1950s world. My Grade: A-

Marko & Tadd - Gumboot Stepping (Chuck Maldonado) - From the get-go, neither looked good. It was as if the producers wanted to shoot the two male dancers in the foot and guarantee a Sasha or Mallory win. Marko didn't have enough edge and he looked winded. The two dancers' motions were nowhere near close to synchronized. The performance ended and there was a little applause. My Grade: F

The judges seem to be pressuring for a girl to win this season. so my predictions are: Sasha (Winner), Melanie (2nd), Tadd (3rd), Marko (4th). Of course, Sasha auditioned both in seasons 4 and 6, so this would be her full circle redemption.

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