Judge to Mel Gibson: Keep Up the Good Work!

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According to reports, Mel Gibson has done exactly what he's supposed to be doing to complete probation in his domestic violence case - and then some.

Gibson's lawyer, Blair Berk, met with Judge Stephanie Sautner (yes, also the judge in the Lindsay Lohan saga) to present proof that Gibson is compliant.

The troubled actor has paid his fines, performed his community service by visiting a Guatemalan hospital, and is earning high marks from a psychiatrist.

Mel Gibson Outside Court

Gibson immediately following his recent court date.

Mel has been going to therapy weekly and making progress following a no contest plea in March to misdemeanor battery of Oksana Grigorieva.

Everybody, even the actor's harshest critics, has to be very happy to hear this and hopeful that he's able to work through his issues going forward.

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