Farrah Abraham Denies Child Abuse Claims

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Embattled Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham says that despite what the rumors and her haters might say, she's a model parent to her baby daughter, Sophia.

Amid claims she left Sophia at day care for 12 hours a day and up to seven times a week, she defiantly declared Friday: "I would never forget my daughter."

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Childcare worker Brittney Scheer, a licensed provider in Council Bluffs, Iowa, says Farrah walked in, "showed me the diaper bag and went out the door."

Busy as she is, Farrah feels she's a model single parent.

"I'd have Sophia all day, every day," Scheer said. "Farrah left the baby with me to run errands and shoot MTV. Sometimes she'd forget to come get her."

Farrah Abraham, who's fighting for control of Sophia with the family of her late boyfriend, Derek Underwood, says in an interview that this is baloney.

Asked why Scheer would lie, Farrah answered "to use Sophia to make money from that magazine ... it's really sad that somebody would use a child."

Defending her lifestyle and parenting decisions, she says, "I don't know how I would EVER forget my daughter. I love her and she's all I think about."

According to Scheer, Sophia's development seems worryingly slow and she couldn't walk. Farrah says she can, and has been for about nine months.

Noting that Brittney hasn't seen Sophia in months, Abraham calls her daughter "a nice child" who "knows her manners and is friendly with others."

As for life as a single mom, she admits "It's VERY difficult. The first time I had to drop Sophia off at my grandparents' house, I cried. It tears you apart."

"I'm always very concerned and looking out for her, also, I just want to say that she always has clean clothes, food and has everything she needs."

"The only time I use a babysitter right now is when my mom or grandmother can't watch Sophia, when I'm at school or working I have to use a babysitter for a few hours sometimes. I have responsibilities and I'm a single parent."

So there. Take that, Stormie Clark!

Read Radar's interview with Farrah.

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