Dark and Stormie: Teen Mom Family Feud Continues For Farrah Abraham

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The family feud rages on between Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and the family of her deceased boyfriend over visitation of Farrah's daughter Sophia.

"I'm not giving up," Stormie Clark, the mother of Derek Underwood, told Radar Online exclusively after a judge recently denied her visitation rights.

Clark's son tragically died in a car crash in 2008 just two months before his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Farrah Abraham, gave birth to Sophia.

For Farrah Abraham, the battle for Sophia continues.

"In the state of Iowa in order to get grandparents rights your child has to be deceased and my son passed away," Stormie Clark explained.

"Then you have to have had a substantial relationship with the child. This is not fair because I'm not able to do that because of Farrah."

"The easiest thing to do would be talk to Farrah and work this out. I am 110 percent willing to do that, but that's not the case for her. Prior to trying to get visitation I've tried to reach out to Farrah while she was pregnant and she ignored me."

During season 2 of the hit MTV reality show, Clark's daughter Kassy appeared alongside Farrah, who learned the results of the paternity test.

"My daughter is not on the show anymore because Farrah only wanted her on the show for ratings and now wants nothing to do with her," Clark said. "I think Farrah has changed her phone number so none of us can call her."

Clark said she wouldn't visit uninvited, and couldn't anyway: "I don't know where she lives," and fears Farrah would "probably call the cops," she said.

Her only explanation for the familial distance is "she's spiteful."

"She's said on the show that we never supported the relationship [between her and my son], but her family didn't support the relationship either."

"It was just because they fought all the time. And I understand teenagers will do that. They were on-again, off-again, and Derek [my son] would always be upset. I just wanted them to move on because they never got along."

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