Angelina Pivarnick: Jersey Shore Cast Bullied Me!

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Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick has now bailed on both seasons so far.

You might say good riddance, but she says she's a victim, not an instigator.

The inaccurately and self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island says it was the relentless name-calling and nasty pranks by the cast that drove her out.

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"I was bullied to the fullest sense," says Pivarnick, who up and quit season one in Seaside Heights, N.J., last year, only to return unexpectedly in South Beach.

The Situation "called me a dirty hamster, but I cleaned that house up and down! MTV never showed that," she insists, and Snooki "would call me a whore."

"Mike and Vinny would call me a whale. I'd go in the bathroom and cry," she says, noting they put whipped cream on a condom in her bed, so it looked used.

Whipped cream? Is that really what ... you know what, forget it.

Another time, poor Angelina whiles, "I found olive oil and grated cheese all over my bed. I picked up my comforter, and it was on my sheets, my pillow."

"It was yellow and I thought Mike pissed on my bed."

Wouldn't have been too big a stretch, we suppose.

Ange left Jersey Shore after this past week's episode, which ended with the whole house hating her instigating ways and an epic throwdown with Snooki.

The unattached former bartender, who now lives with her mom and sister on Staten Island, says it was so bad, she can no longer watch Jersey Shore.

"It bothers me hearing the names they call me, and that it looks like I’m the backstabber," she says. "My head is really f--ked up; I'm seeing a therapist."

"I cry a lot. It’s going to take me a year to get over this. My mom got bleeding ulcers from the stress. It's hard to watch her daughter go through what I did."

Want some cheese with that whine and olive oil?

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