Judge May Let Lindsay Lohan Loose Today

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The penal system has worked Lindsay Lohan over for a good, hard month now, but that may be it. She may be released back into the wilds of Hollywood today.

The judge in the actress' case will issue an order later today, and it could be Lindsay's ticket out, confirming recent rumors that she'll be let out of rehab early.

Following a meeting with her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, Judge Elden Fox will issue an order Tuesday in Lindsay's case between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. PST. 

The doctors at UCLA Medical Center have recommended that Lohan get out before the 90 days imposed by the prior judge, the recently-recused Marsha Revel.

A big reason for that? They think treatment will be easier than expected as she's hooked on Adderall to treat a disorder, ADHD, which she really does not have.

Putting on a Show in Court

Lindsay Lohan's time in captivity may be nearing its end.

Sources say they expect Lindsay's release will probably come this week, to be followed by outpatient care. All signs point to Judge Fox executing this very plan.

If medical professionals' opinions are that she should be released, the judge would have to really want to stick it to Lohan to override their recommendations.

We don't see it happening, since she's now been in jail or rehab for more than a month straight, and especially given that she's such an inspirational figure.

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