The Bachelorette Recap: The Men Tell All

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The Men Tell All special is always bad, but The Bachelorette's penultimate episode was even more useless this time than in seasons past. What a waste.

How can a reunion special for this season not feature Justin "Rated R" Rego or Frank Neuschaefer, two of the most notorious villains in show history?!

Instead, it was pure filler. Seriously, there is no need for this. Edit it down, guys. This is coming from devoted followers of the show, too. Think about it.

Because we love you anyway, here's THG's +/- review ...

"Justin chose not to be here tonight." - Chris. Can't imagine why. Minus 7.

Plus 4 for this tidbit: Justin was busted via Facebook after girlfriend Jessica Spillas noticed Kimberly Kerekes posting something romantic on his "wall." LOL. Side note: Become a fan of THG on Facebook - we would never cheat on you!

Frank Neuschaefer Picture

Craig, on Rated R: "His goal was to make it to the final three and sabotage everything she wanted to do for his own public benefit. It's just one of the worst things you can do to a human being." Definitely a crime against humanity. Plus 3.

Ali Fedotowsky had little to say about Justin, other than "I'm proud of the way I handled it. I didn't want to shed one tear." Minus 2 ... give us more dirt!

Kasey hopped into the hot seat. He's still krazy, but mostly just annoying, and not the person we really kared to hear konfessions from. Minus 5.

Kirk seemed to be the fan favorite, and rightfully so. Plus 3.

Kirk, on the previous week's exit by Frank Neuschaefer: "It was frustrating because Frank knew how I felt about Ali ... I came here to meet Ali with no thoughts about anybody else." Indeed. Minus 5 for not showing your face, Frank!

Without giving away any Bachelorette spoilers, the finale teaser seems to suggest, or at least leave the door open for the possibility that Ali will not pick either Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez, which would he hella weak. Minus 10.

Not as weak as Bachelor Pad, which looks like a menagerie of the worst people in previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. Eh, we'll watch it. Wash.

TOTAL: -19. SEASON: +147.

Who should Ali Fedotowsky choose next week?

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