The Bachelorette Spoilers: Ali Fedotowsky Chooses ...

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All season long, The Bachelorette spoilers we've reported have been spot-on. So while we can't personally vouch for what follows, bear that fact in mind.

Since before Ali Fedotowsky even began her quest for love, we've known the identity of her final two suitors this season - and the one she does not pick.

What's eluded THG, and even the soothsayer of The Bachelorette spoilers, Reality Steve, up to this point is the end result. What happens on August 2?

Is Ali engaged? If so, to whom? Are they dating? Is she still single?

The lowdown was always that one of the finalists, whose name THG has withheld here for those of you who like to remain in suspense, was eliminated.

The other finalist's fate was unclear. Either Ali Fedotowsky chose him and they’re engaged, she chose him and they’re just dating, or she chose neither.

That question has now been answered with 99.9 percent certainty.

Ali Looking On

Ali Fedotowsky's final decision has been debated for weeks.

There is no gimmicky ending with someone returning, just the two men from which Ali must make a heart-wrenching choice - one likely to leave many fans disappointed.

WARNING: Do not read on if you do not want to read SERIOUS spoilers for the end of this season. This isn't vague, Us Weekly-style nonsense, it's a dead giveaway.

On the season finale of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky chooses ...

Roberto Martinez!!!

Yes, we've changed our tune, but despite the overwhelming evidence courtesy of Steve, it looks like she and Roberto are together and happy! They are engaged!

For almost a month now, we've known Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez are the final two, but we were convinced that neither ended up with Ali in the end.

Here's how we thought it was going to play out:

The guy she didn’t pick - the one whose fate was clear - is Chris Lambton. He will be rejected at the final rose ceremony, leaving Roberto and Ali to ... well, about that.

All indications suggest that Ali is single today and didn’t choose Roberto Martinez either. Five different sources report that she’s single, up from three just days ago.

Again, you can choose not to believe this if you like, and there's always a chance Steve is wrong, sure. He's admitted as much. But he's never led us astray in the past.

Weeks ago, the fact that she didn’t pick Chris became clear. However, the news that Ali picked Roberto never materialized. Evidence that she’s single has - in spades.

Well, what do you think? Do you believe it - and are you disappointed in the result? Is there a chance this is all bogus and she and Roberto will live happily ever after?

UPDATE, 7/22: All other Bachelorette spoilers we've run pertaining to this season have proven correct, so we have no reason to believe this report will be any different.

Moreover, the shocking departure of Frank Neuschaefer can be interpreted as an event that contributes to Ali's decision. Was he the clear front-runner until he left?

Us Weekly reports that Ali gets engaged on the finale, but cites no credible sources and uses vague language to describe its "details." We'll find out soon enough!

UPDATE, 8/2: It looks like the producers did a surprisingly good job keeping a lid on the relationship of Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez - they're together!

The reason there was no rose ceremony shown in previews is that Ali took a "huge risk" by dispatching Chris before it even went down. So he did not make it.

She puts all her eggs in one basket and lays it all on the line for Roberto, hoping he feels the same ... and he does! They are together and happy? Who knew!

UPDATE, 8/5: Well, it looks like the final prediction was correct. We were thrown off the trail for awhile there, but Ali and Roberto are in love! And engaged!

They're moving in together and appear as happy as can be. Chris Lambton handled his exit gracefully and looks poised to become The Bachelor ... if he wants.

Were you satisfied with the ending? Did you see it coming? Do you think Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez will make it to the altar, like so few have?

Discuss The Bachelorette spoilers herein, the end of the show in general, and whether you think she and Roberto will last by leaving a comment!

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