Ron Livingston Sues Over Rumors on Wiki, Facebook

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Actor Ron Livingston, best known for Office Space quotes, would rather you remember him for one-liners as Peter Gibbons than other things on his Wikipedia bio.

Ron is sick of people constantly changing his Wikipedia page to say he's in a gay relationship. He's suing to make the rumors stop. You can't make this stuff up.

Livingston, who got married this year (to a woman) earlier this year, claims a mystery Internet bandit recently and "relentlessly" began changing his Wiki page.

The person apparently wants Wiki readers who happen to look up Ron Livingston to think he is in a homosexual relationship with a man named Lee Dennison.

Livingston says is completely false and "malicious."

Ron Livingston really hates his Wiki nemesis.

According to the lawsuit, filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, the Wiki-hacking began back in May. Every time Ron's reps remove the false info from his Wiki page, bandits "change them back almost immediately." That's dedication!

Ron also believes the perp also created fake Facebook profiles for him and Lee Dennison, and both pages claim the two are "In a relationship" with each other.

This is the downside of celebrity. There will always be someone, somewhere, who will to go to extreme lengths to mess with ... Ron Livingston.

Ron is suing for libel, invasion of privacy and for using his name and likeness without the actor's permission. Damages haven't been specified at this time.

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