Getting Serious: Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard

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Note to guys: Wanna date a hottie? Run through an an electric fence with that system's specialized dog collar around your neck.

Or maybe just crash your skateboard often.

Basically, just follow the lead of the former stars of Jackass - since they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves with the ladies.

Kate Hudson Poses

Awhile ago, for example, Bam Margera admitted to having sex with Jessica Simpson. And this was back when she was really, really good looking.

Now, reports indicate that things are heating up between Dax Shepard and Kate Hudson. To what extent? The New York Post claims these two might as well be living together.

"Dax is basically living at her house right now," said the newspaper's source.

We'd expect such a big step from couples that have dated awhile - such as Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, who moved in together months ago - but Hudson and Shepard? Seems a bit fast to us. Didnt she's just break-up with Owen Wilson?

Even so, we wish these kids the best. Hopefully, they're as happy as another twosome taking this next serious course of action: America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams.

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I don't even remember the last time I got a manicure. I even got to the point where I started waxing my own legs because I don't have the time. I'd rather be home with [son] Ryder sitting there waxing my legs. I haven't gotten a facial in a million years. I don't do those kinds of things. And when I do, I always think, 'I should do this more often.'

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I don't know if I'll ever get married again.

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