Annoying Feud of the Week: Paula Abdul vs. Rosie O'Donnell

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When Perez Hilton comes out swinging against Lauren Conrad, it's easy to take the side of that innocent star of The Hills.

But when there's a feud between two equally nauseating personalities, it can be difficult to distinguish right from wrong.

In the most recent spat between Paula Abdul and Rosie O'Donnell, however, there's little doubt that the former co-host of The View has - one again - gone too far.

In Rosie's recent immature blog, she discusses with a fan the idea that Abdul is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. And it's not the first time the well-known liberal has gone off on the American Idol judge, previously referring to her as "desperate, raw, vulnerable" and "so needy for love."

While we don't doubt Paula is spoiled and most likely insane, we're a celebrity gossip blog. We're allowed to make baseless accusations. But doesn't O'Donnell have a responsibility to not wildly speculate about such a serious disease?

Abdul's rep, Jeff Ballard, thinks so. He recently released the following statement to Extra:

"This is absolutely ridiculous and untrue that Paula has Parkinson's. Rosie's been the object of rumors herself and I would think she would be more responsible about starting them herself.

Paula considers Rosie a friend. She's been to Paula's house. They've had dinner, and personally I think Rosie should mind her own business."

We agree. And can't imagine Whoopi Goldberg expressing herself in such a juvenile manner.

Disagree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck all you want, people, but you don't see her writing like a fourth grader on any Rosie-like blog, desperate to stay in the news, making gross assumptions about celebrities, generalizations about terrorist attacks.

She simply expresses a political point of view.

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