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Jessica Simpson has no problem talking about her enormous breasts.

And while these snack trays are as real as the insanity of her father, Joe Simpson, Jessica says she would consider following in the fake footsteps of her sister, Ashlee Simpson.

“I’ve had [no plastic surgery],” the singer says in the August issue of Bazaar. “But maybe after having kids, if my boobs dropped down to my belly button, I would get them lifted. … Maintenance. But you know, my boobs are real.”

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Right now, however, the former flame of John Mayer is fine with her looks.

“I love the bump in my nose,” Simpson tells Bazaar and People magazine reports. “People have said that I’ve had things like a jaw replacement or implant or something. I’m photographed every day of my life and have never worn any bandages or anything, so how could that be right?”

Every day of her life might be pushing it a bit. This isn’t Heidi Montag or Britney Spears, after all.

As Jessica prepares for a role as a marine in the obviously awful upcoming movie, Major Movie Star, she says that one thing that’s changed is her backside.

“I’ve started with a trainer, Harley Pasternak,” she says. “He’s given me a butt [like Kim Kardashian], because I have white-girl syndrome. I have to do as many squats as I can to get a little booty. … I have to be [diligent]. I’m a curvy girl. You don’t want to see me not working out.”

We do have to praise Simpson, though, for her stance on her curves. This is one celebrity that won’t be starving herself like Nicole Richie or either of The Olsen Twins.

“Curves are better,” she says. “I don’t get the whole rail thing. It’s not good for your heart, it’s not good for your mind; it’s emotionally destructive, it really is.”

Look at that, Jessica Simpson sounding intelligent! We guess anything is possible.