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Sorry, Lindsay Lohan. You and AJ Lamas are not the only new couple heating up this summer.

Life is also shaping up nicely for Lance Bass, who recently landed a new job — and a new man.

The former ‘N Sync star celebrated the 4th of July in New York’s Hamptons drinking Ciroc vodka with his new beau, model Pedro Andrade.

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The two were at a party in the Hamptons, one actually not attended by Diddy for once. Maybe the man who typically reigns over festivities in that area was at home, lamenting the loss of Kim Porter.

“You could tell they’re very happy with each other,” a People magazine source says of Bass and Andrade. “Pedro is beyond good-looking … so hot. Pedro is spunky, full of life. They’re a perfect match.”

Asked about Bass and Andrade, the singer’s press rep, Cindy Owen, said, “I have no comment about his personal life at this time.”

But we do: Good for you, Lance! We admire you for showing Isaiah Washington that gay men can have normal love lives, too.

Last winter Bass split from Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl — and, in April, he told People he was loving the single life: “It’s nice to be able to just date, because I had never been on a date in my life.”

Meanwhile, on August 14 Bass will join the cast of Broadway’s long-running musical Hairspray. He’ll play the role of a Dick Clark-like TV host named Corny Collins. The movie version of this remake, starring John Travolta and Zac Efron, will also be in theaters soon.