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What’s there to say, really?

The pregnancy rumors proved legit.

She’s really, really thin and drives the wrong way on freeways while high on the weed and Vicodin.

Nicole Richie Book Cover

That’s about as far as the story goes as far as we’re concerned, but the pregnant, soon-to-be on trial Nicole Richie is set to emerge from a period of self-imposed media blackout.

Next week, the Simple Life “star” will finally come out of hiding for an interview with Diane Sawyer.

Must be a slow week at ABC if they are turning to celebrity news of this nature.

In three segments set to air August 2 on Good Morning America and August 3 on Good Morning America and 20/20, Sawyer will finally have the chance to ask Nicole Richie on behalf of America, in the words of Elliot Reid from Scrubs:

What the frick is going on with you?!

Indeed, the forthcoming interview will mark something of a comeback for the usually media whorish Nicole Richie, pictured here with pal and fellow DUI fiend Lindsay Lohan.

On tour recently with boyfriend Joel Madden‘s band, Good Charlotte, she has kept a low-profile, trying to avoid being seen whenever possible.

That should be easy. All she has to do is turn sideways. Eh? Sorry.

Some topics that we hope Diane Sawyer will cover are Richie’s upcoming court date for her December DUI arrest, where she could face 90 days to one year in jail, and whether she plans to keep the baby or let it starve to death as she seems to favor doing to herself.

Previous celebrities who have memorably opened up to Sawyer include Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, The Dixie Chicks and Tom Cruise.

Big footsteps to follow in, Nicole. Hope you’re up for it.