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Bobby Brown, whose divorce from Whitney Houston became final in April, is back to his old ways.

No, actually we don’t mean not paying child support.

We’re talking about him macking on the ladies!

“I’m dating, so it’s not like I’m single,” Brown, 40, told People at Stereo by the Shore in Southampton, N.Y. on Saturday.

How profound. Thank you, Bobby Brown. In related news, Britney Spears is, like, at rock bottom, y’all, so it’s not like she’s on cloud nine.

Asked whom he was dating, the frequently-jailed “My Prerogative” singer replied, “My friend,” and looked over at the woman holding his hand.

And it wasn’t Karrine Steffans holding his hand, people.

A source at the club identified Brown’s companion as Alicia Etheridge. A second source close to the singer confirmed to People that he is indeed dating Etheridge.

Alicia Etheridge‘s claim to fame, besides combining the names of other famous people Melissa Etheridge and Alicia Silverstone, is being past president of the M. Gray Music Academy, Macy Gray’s after-school music program.

“They were kissing in the car,” says a source who observed the cute couple before they headed into the club, where besides his signature song, Bobby Brown also performed “Every Little Step.”

The pair – who apparently got together this month, a source says – stayed at the event until 3 a.m. and did in the club what they were doing in the car: kissing.

Gross as this is, it’s a lot better than what Lindsay Lohan does in the car. We’re talking about drinking and drugs!