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Wearing an athletic tee that proclaims she’s “NO PUSHOVER,” and clearly no bra underneath it (and probably no underwear either), a brown-haired Britney Spears could not resist the call of the chalupa during a recent pit stop.

The “singer” was spotted making a rest stop in Malibu while her new mystery man / driver / bodyguard waited in her Mercedes.

Debate continues over whether said guy is in fact Brit’s AA counselor, John Sundahl – who she was rumored to be dating, but no one has seen a photo of – and whoever he is, what his status is in regards to our girl.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Don’t worry, though: Britney Spears apparently had time to secure some new crap-tacular duds from a local Salvation Army store.

After checking her ratty, Amy Winehouse-style hair, America’s fallen pop princess did what she does best. Wear awful clothes, smile like she’s on drugs and hit up Taco Bell.

How cool is this, y’all?