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Yesterday, a fellow purveyor of Hollywood / celebrity gossip, Mollygood, posted some funny ass trivia (literally) and we can’t resist passing it along to you.

Can you tell us which celebrity this fine ass belongs to?

Hmm… Well if you read any celebrity news at all, you can rule out Britney Spears. The girl doesn’t wear underwear. What about an ass-tastic young star such as Kim Kardashian or Jessica Simpson? Could it be somebody relatively new to the gossip world, such as Tara Conner or even Amy Polumbo?

Follow the jump to find out


Well, how about that. It’s David Beckham!

My, that former Posh Spice is one lucky woman. Not only does she get images like this on a daily basis, she probably sees David Beckham nude on occasion.

And while readers are clamoring to see Nick Lachey nude amidst rumors of sexual photos of him and Vanessa Minnillo surfacing, he’s got a lot to live up to if he wants to look like Becks.