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The Hollywood Gossip staff received complaints after our previous celebrity look-alike post. Many readers felt Jennifer Toof didn’t resemble Mena Suvari at all.

Or maybe they were just angry there weren’t any new nude Toastee pics included.

Either way, we aim to satisfy the celebrity gossip masses more with this comparison:

Matthew McConaughey Doppleganger

First, we have the country’s number-one selling artist. Seriously. It’s not Beyonce or Jordin Sparks or Justin Timberlake. Instead, the singer with the top album at the moment is none other than Miley Cyrus.

The star of Hannah Montana and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus must be doing something right. She’s competing with Zac Efron right now for most beloved young celeb.

She also looks a lot like Rachael Ray, doesn’t she? While that famous chef is dealing with her own problems – such as talk of a divorce, an oddly spelled first name and criticism for selling out in those Dunkin Donuts commercials – at least she can take solace in this resemblance to a rising star.

Do you folks agree? Can you see the similarities? Or is this as random a pairing as Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson? Let us know.