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Amy Winehouse recently gave disturbing insight in to her private life, cutting herself with a shard of mirror during a magazine interview.

The singer reportedly carved the words ‘I love Blake‘ into her stomach and made repeated foul mouthed rants as she spoke to Spin magazine.

Talking before her recent marriage to husband Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse ranted about her newfound superstardom.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

“I’m not in this to be a f***ing role model,” the eccentric one insisted.

Sounds vaguely like the sentiments of her supposed rival, Lily Allen.

Blake Fielder-Civil then joined her at the interview in the Toad Hall pub, in New York, where he reportedly threatened a fellow drinker, asking the interviewer to: “Tell the guy who looks like he has leukaemia I’m going to slit his throat.”

He’s a class act, this fellow.

The songstress then cut into her stomach after posing with a shard of mirror for the photo shoot. She then went to the toilet, checking her nose with the piece of mirror.

The “Rehab” singer, who has admitted mutilating herself in the past, said:

I don’t care. I don’t care about any of this and I don’t have much of an opinion on myself… I write songs because I’m f***ed in the head and need to get something good out of something bad. I thought ‘I’m going to die if I don’t write down the way I feel I’m going to do myself in.’ It’s nothing spectacular. And if I did I’d be a f***ing right ****, wouldn’t I?

Did we mention we love Amy Winehouse?

Amy, who also says she can and will beat up Blake when necessary, told Q magazine earlier this year that she began self-mutilating ways in her younger days.

“It’s a funny thing, a morbid curiosity. I’m talking about when I was nine. What does it feel like? ‘Ow, that f*****g hurts.”

Amy Winehouse made the comments after appearing at the Elle Style Awards … and sporting some ghastly and mysterious scars on her arms.

This girl makes Britney Spears seem sane … although Winehouse balances out her quirks with considerable singing talent, so call it a wash.

Winehouse married boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil in a surprise Miami wedding in May. Her album Back to Black has been a top 10 hit in the US.