Victoria Beckham: The Reality Show Must Go On

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Victoria Beckham hates Hollywood gossip.

That much we covered yesterday in depth.

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Yet the star's distaste for the media hasn't caused her to yank the plug on her upcoming reality show, as was falsely reported yesterday.

The Mirror of the UK reported prematurely that Victoria Beckham, 33, quit the series in order to support her husband, David Beckham, 32, in his upcoming soccer matches.

The paper claims NBC insisted that the former Posh Spice move out to L.A. to begin filming this week, despite David's two scheduled matches for England, and his last game with Real Madrid.

When the network would not budge on the schedule, The Mirror says Victoria Beckham and her giant boobs bailed on the series, declaring that:

"My family will always come before my career."

Whether Victoria actually said that or not, Britney Spears might want to take that advice to heart. Actually, she doesn't seem to be focusing on either one. Bad example!

Yet both NBC and Posh's rep deny reports of her bailing.

"Victoria Beckham has not pulled out of the TV show," her rep said. "She has had so much fun filming the show but it's true that she took last week off and is taking this week off to look after the boys and support David. However, she will be back in L.A. in mid-June to continue filming. It's completely up to the network how long and in what format they decide to broadcast the show."

So calm down fans. Posh should be bringing her angular and strange self to your TVs sometime soon. Although the show might not feature David Beckham nude. Sorry.

As for a future appearance by Posh on Dancing With the Stars, that hasn't been confirmed nor denied. So stay tuned.

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