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Some stars are not big fans of celebrity gossip.

Justin Timberlake is not exactly a big supporter. Britney Spears blames tabloids and paparazzi for her problems. And we’re guessing that Joslyn Noel Morse isn’t a huge fan of ours right now.

But Victoria Beckham is taking the hating of The Hollywood Gossip and its counterparts to a new level. Check out what she had the nerve to say in a recent interview with Neil Sean of Sky News.

“I think these people are pretty spineless, the way they hide behind pseudo-names,” says the former Posh Spice.

“They don’t really know what’s going on in anybody’s lives. They’re just sad people that sit behind their computers.”

The Hollywood Gossip resents that, for the record. How do you know Free Britney, Hilton Hater and MischaLova aren’t our real names?

And we assure you that our celebrity gossip staff writers are very happy people sitting behind their computers and earning modest wages, thank you very much.

Just because that picture of David Beckham nude is circulating online does not give you license to tear us a new one, Posh. We didn’t take the damn photo – all we’re guilty of is giving the people what they want.

In other words, don’t hate the player, hate the game, babe.

That’s right. We don’t have time for this debate anymore, because we’re too busy gathering and preparing to post the newest pictures of your huge boobs. Not that we’re complaining, but have you heard of a bra? Snap, yo. Snap.