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In March 1993, Victoria Adams was an unknown 18-year-old dancer who posed for a roll of 36 photos, hoping to relaunch her career.

In May 2007, she’s an international style, music and beauty icon with over 10 million albums sold and a husband (David Beckham) who may be even more famous.

Yes, hard work played a role in her transformation, but as Us Weekly experts observe, so has her bank account. Here’s a look at their estimates of the “work” (plastic surgery) that Posh Spice may or may not have had done.

David and Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding

Nose ($11,000):
Posh’s streamlined snout could be the result of nasal refinement surgery, NYC plastic surgeon Geoffrey Tobias says. “The bridge looks thinner, and the tip is narrower and slightly turned up,” he says.

Kind of like Heidi Montag.

Huge Breasts ($10,000):
Victoria Beckham has dropped 20 pounds since 1993, estimates NYC internist Marc Siegel. “Most women have smaller breasts as they lose weight, not bigger,” Gerut says, speculating the roundness is due to implants.

Either way, those are some serious boobs. 

Cheeks ($3,000):
“They’re more sculpted, maybe from weight loss or buccal fat removal,” says New York surgeon Zachary Gerut.

You know who had some serious fat removal? Ricki Lake!

Lips ($2,000):
Both bottom and lower are more prominent, suggesting Juvéderm or collagen injections every few months, says Gerut.

She’s still no Angelina Jolie.

Eyes ($8,000):
“Her eyebrows drooped and now they’re arched,” Gerut speculate. “In my opinion, that’s a forehead lift done beautifully, not Botox.”