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By her own admission, Victoria Beckham nude is NOT a pretty sight.

But what about her husband? While soccer fans (both of them) in the States are focused on the foot of David Beckham, others are wondering whether or not certain pictures of a different body part are real.

We don’t know for sure. But we wanted to provide readers with the visual evidence in order to make up their own minds. While the Sean Stewart nude photo will posted a couple weeks ago is the real (frightening) thing, could the following be photoshopped?

David and Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding
Photo via Getty Images

And if it is, what other pictures circulating around the Web are phonies? Is Chris Richardson not really embracing Blake Lewis?

What about Larry Birkhead spending time with Dannielynn?

Or, the most scary prospect of all, might Suri Curise still not be real?