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Like everyone else, Marilyn Manson has to go through that awkward first meeting with his girlfriend’s folks.

Except that when you consider we’re talking about Manson and Evan Rachel Wood, this rite of passage seems more, well, shocking.

The Hollywood Gossip believes these family talks must have been a much more amusing exchange than anything that happened in the film Meet the Parents.

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The 38-year-old rocker, whose divorce from the sultry Dita Von Teese became final in May, is already deep into a very public relationship with Evan Rachel Wood.

The petite actress just happens to be 19.

In fact, the couple recently co-starred in an erotic video for Marilyn Manson‘s new song, “Heart-Shaped Glasses.”

It’s a little weird. But unlike Hayden Panettiere, she’s legal. So back off, haters!

Marliyn Manson sat down with Rolling Stone recently to discuss his music, Evan Rachel Wood, and what their parents think about their relationship. Below are a few excerpts…

On Evan Rachel Wood’s appearance in his, er, violent and sexually explicit music video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses” …
“I had to have a drink with Evan’s mother and father. The thing that needs to be established is that I might share my life with her, but that doesn’t incriminate her in my behavior.”

On the things their parents have in common:
“I found a strange, ironic similarity with what her father said to me, and what my dad said to Evan, which was, ‘If you break his heart, I’ll kill you,’ or something along those lines.”

How Evan Rachel Wood compares to other women he’s been with:
“Evan was a real catalyst to help me realize that I wasn’t delivering the message that I always stood for. And if you were to speak about her talent and personality, she’s the most unique, stand-alone person who doesn’t need a relationship with me to further her career. If anything, I could only take away from it.”

THG NOTE: How does she stack up with Dita Von Teese nude? That’s a question that will have to be answered another time. And sadly, not by us.

Regardless, it’s nice that Wood is not a publicity-crazed, alcoholic train wreck such as Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, the latter of whom Marilyn Manson saw naked at least once, but did not hook up with. Which sounds absurd, yet somehow makes perfect sense.