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He’s usually discreet, but Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is finally ready to kiss and tell.

Adam Levine opened up about his love life on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show Monday morning. Well, sort of.

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Levine, 28, went on with his 21-year-old new girlfriend, the lovely Rebecca Ginos, who is a cocktail waitress at L.A. nightclub Teddy’s.

THG NOTE: Teddy’s, like Hyde and Les Deux, is a hot spot that has been hit up by many young celebrities such as Brody Jenner, Lauren Conrad et al.

He told Howard Stern that the couple met on her twenty-first birthday, and got (very) close shortly thereafter.

“We had sex the first night we met,” he said.

Well, that’s one way to clear the air right off the bat.

But before Rebecca Ginos’ ladylike sensibilities could be offended by this public disclosure of information, Levine saved himself, proclaiming “I think you’re the hottest girl in the entire f-ing universe.”

He’s a true Casanova. Eat your heart out, Spencer Pratt.

Stern also asked Adam Levine to set the record straight on previous rumored romances. For those keeping score: Levine claims he has not been with Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst, or Maria Sharapova.

Nor has he been with Jessica Simpson… at least, not when she was still married to Nick Lachey. He was linked to the busty blonde right around the time she was getting divorced. He totally hit that.

Levine did not, however, deny hooking up with Lindsay Lohan. Then again, it hardly counts as a contest when you’re getting sloppy 120ths.