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We love Kevin Federline.

Knowing full well how badly he used to be reviled, and that people called him WT on a daily basis, K-Fed recently declared Britney Spears‘ rumored boytoy, Howie Day, “trash.”

K-Fed’s slam came when he heard, reports Star and MSNBC, that his ex had a rehab sleepover with musician Day, prompting him to light a smoke and say:

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

“You have to head to the dump to find trash.”

Oh, snap! Britney reportedly hooked up with Howie Day – a very troubled and uber-annoying pop star in his own right – in rehab, and rumor has it the two rekindled the detox flame later after they were released into the outside world.

Ever since Britney went insane, Kevin, who has two kids with her (and two others with Shar Jackson) has kept a relatively low profile, despite rumors to the contrary. But he couldn’t resist taking a shot at a chump like Howie Day. 

Nor should he. What’s more, says Star, Britney’s closest girlfriends are telling her that she shouldn’t let Day into her life, but it just fuels Brit’s affections.

“It’s music to Britney’s ears. She likes the drama,” says a friend.

No wonder Sean Preston is desperate to escape.